Broken and Bleeding

Broken and bleeding I found you, Exposed.

By the blistering pain of love newly lost.

I felt the tremors of your soul, somehow so akin to mine.

I came to know small parts of you,

Enjoyed the subtle music in your smile,

And relished the quiet moments of your touch.

Naked and vulnerable, I covered you, Alone.

Through the loneliness of your tears.

I felt your frustration and came to feel a part of it.

You opened your arms and extended your heart to me.

Still, I never fell in love with you.

I simply shared your laughter,

Soothed your hurt, basked in your glow,

And gave parts of myself to you.

I watched your pain turn into joy

And your vulnerable heart begin to heal.

Yet, I never fell in love with you…

But as I watched you claim your heart again

The tremors in my soul began to shake.

I shared your journey back to yourself

And we made new memories

That jarred the ones I had come to know.

Yet, I can never fall out of love with you,

Because I never fell in love with you.

I simply came to know your pain,

Sheltered you through your darkness

Shielded you in your vulnerability

And soothed the emptiness of my soul.

Still, I felt the searing heat of heartbreak

As you opened your heart

And slowly gave it back to her.

A festering Muse had entranced your soul,

And she smiled through your eyes because

You never fell out of love, with her.

So she may be your flickering flame

The Muse who never fell in love, with you.

And so, take good care…because

Broken and bleeding,

Someone may find you again.


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