Road Kill Blogs


When I was initially trying to figure out this whole Blogosphere thing, I spoke with a few friends and colleagues who told me, with  their chins a little up in the air, that yes, they already had Blogs. Some of the kinder ones even offered to help me get mine started and keep me on track till I got the hang of it.  Not being a computer/cyber space native, I was grateful for the offer and eager to get some inspiration, I went searching for their blogs. Well, to my chagrin, what do you think I found? Not the inspiration I was hoping for, but dead as a door nail Blogs that were just languishing in cyberspace. Road Kill Blogs! What kind of a Blogger just abandons a perfectly good Blog, leaves it untouched for three and four years – I kid you not – and then tells me she has a Blog?   I was just about ready to click out of the Blogosphere in disgust, when an interesting Blog title caught my eye, ‘Doing Business in the Caribbean.’ Hoping to get some insight into new business opportunities in the region, I clicked on it and was disappointed to see that it had not been touched since 2010! Then I looked a little closer and couldn’t believe what I saw.  My name. Listed as the owner of the blog. Me?  Surely I was not the author of a Road Kill Blog! As the fog slowly cleared, I remembered.  I was in Trinidad on an international arts residency and while traveling throughout the country I was going to do a daily Blog on business opportunities in the Caribbean. A sort of business travelog. I would start in Trinidad, then expand to the rest of the Caribbean, then the rest of the region and then the entire world! It would be a global movement telling folks how to do business in the Caribbean!  Yes, my Blog plans were grand.  Only problem was, the very next week I got very busy with the actual work I was in Trinidad to do, and by the end of the following week, I had lost all track of what password I had used, which email address, where I had created the Blog…you get the picture. Well, after a few limp attempts to find it, I conveniently concluded that they had deleted it. Now, sitting here looking at my personal Road Kill Blog, I took a deep breath and I served myself an appropriate piece of humble pie, to match the size of my arrogance, and decided to sign up for Blogging 101. One Road Kill Blog is enough! My mission here is simple: Increase my followers by 100%. Surely it shouldn’t be that difficult to move from two to four followers in a month?


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