The Stream

Ignite: ‘To enkindle; arouse. To cause to glow with intense heat. To bring to the point of combustion.’

Stream: ‘Anything issuing out or flowing from a source, as current; anything continuously flowing, moving or passing, as people.’

The Stream reflects a continuous flow of life: Life reflected, life regretted, life fulfilled, life interrupted, life in process.  This blog explores events that ignite ripples and delves into the psyche of those  souls who must scribble, doodle, create or die; the folks who are driven to infuse sparks into the status quo, and the lonesome mavericks who innovate and create solutions that impact the human experience.

Visit Journeys Along The Stream to explore current postings of interesting places, and the people who create ripples, toss pebbles and live life along the world’s river banks. Feel free to wade in and add your ripple to The Stream. 

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